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So what exactly is JAGUA?

4 July, 2022

Jagua is the name given to the juice that is extracted from the fruit called Genipa Americana. As the name suggests, Jagua originates from South America and the natives of the land have been using jagua culturally for thousands of years as ornamentation and medicinal purposes. The native people of South America would to adorn their body with the blue black stain of jagua and this would protect them from insect stings!


To obtain the Jagua juices, the fruit must be picked when still unripe and the juice is extracted from it. This juice is in turn mixed with essential oils and water to make into a paste to apply as we do with henna.


What's in my Jagua Cones?

Ingredients: Organic Genipa Americana, pure lavender essential oil and water.


How do I store my Jagua Cones?

Store Jagua cones in the freezer when not in use. Only take out a henna cone when you’ll be using it. Takeit out 30 mins before using to thaw at room temperature. You may store it for up to 1 year in the freezer and it will stain beautifully!

Do not thaw in the microwave.


Jagua Aftercare

1. Keep your Jagua on for at least 2 hours for a dark stain. It can take up to an hour to dry, depending on thickness of the design.

2. When the dry paste comes off, it will flake off, leaving an almost invisible stain or a light grey stain. Don't panic, it's normal. It will darken over the next 12-24 hours!

3. Wash off the jagua before sleeping to avoid stain surprises in the morning. It can create quite messy stains on the skin and bed if left unwashed.

4. Avoid long exposure to the sun or heat in the first 48 hours, especially if you tend to have sensitive skin.


How long does Jagua last?

Slightly longer than henna, for as long as 2 weeks.

It will fade with the natural exfoliation of your skin and therefore, the more aftercare you put into your Jagua stain, the longer it will last. The aftercare includes avoiding baths and protecting your stain using an oil to rub into your skin.


Allergy Disclaimer

It is very important to remember that natural does not equal safe for everyone. While Jagua is generally safe, it can cause allergic reactions to you if you tend to be allergic to strawberries, pineapples or other tropical fruits. It is to be noted that this is the juice of an unripe fruit and might cause sensitivities to the skin. It would be wise therefore to do a patch test before attempting a large Jagua design! 

Allergic reactions to Jagua include a dense rash of red bumps on the skin area where Jagua was applied. It can be treated as any other allergic rash with the application of an anti-rash cream. Please consult with a healthcare professional in case of allergies.

Jagua is not recommended to use on pregnant women.