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Jagua floral

So what exactly is JAGUA?

Jagua is the name given to the juice that is extracted from the fruit called Genipa Americana. As the name suggests, Jagua originates from South...
get henna this summer

3 Reasons Why YOU Should Get Henna This Summer!

Summer is here... And you know what this means.. You're so ready to step out of your socks and boots! As if you need a reason to get henna... but if...

Do you do "Black Henna"?

"Do you do black henna?" "Henna! Is it the black one?" "What colour is your henna?" These are the recurring questions I get as a henna artist, and in...

4 Henna Aftercare Tips

After sitting down, sometimes not too comfortably, to get your henna done, you want to keep it for as long as you possibly can. Henna can last from 6...

4 Steps to prep for your henna appointment

We all love a natural deep stain when we’re getting our henna done, but often times, we find ourselves stuck with a half-stained henna design on our...