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3 Reasons Why YOU Should Get Henna This Summer!

29 November, 2020

Summer is here... And you know what this means.. 

You're so ready to step out of your socks and boots!

As if you need a reason to get henna... but if you do, here are 3!


1. It's gonna be HOT!

Summer means heat and heat means.... DARK Stain!

A little henna chemistry for you: Henna stains the skin layers and this staining process requires heat. The hotter the skin, the darker your henna stain.

That's why you're asked to keep your hands warm after you've done your henna.

But with summer coming up, you have much less effort to put into staying warm 'cause the weather does it for you!


2. Time To Show off 

Time to ditch the socks and boots.

You are so ready for slippers or go barefoot (HINT: beach? Grass?)

It's time to let your skin breathe...

Ditch your jewelry.

Henna tattoos can be the jewelry you don't have time to put on every morning.


3. Your Mental Health

Has COVID ruined your mental health?

Do you know a friend who's struggling with anxiety or depression?

Studies have shown that henna has healing properties, especially for your mental health.

Now that you and your friends are finally coming out of the walls, consider a reunion party with your girls filled with self-care plans.

Henna fits in perfectly to help you let off some steam!


Hurry Up!

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