Private Bookings


Whatever the occasion, treat yourself to a unique and delicate henna design. We'll walk you through the best natural and most ancient ways from how to prepare your skin to how to maintain a beautiful and lasting henna tattoo in order to achieve the deepest stain. 


With more than 10 years of experience in the henna realm, we are skilled to provide you with the utmost original design that suits your personality. Our artist is always seeking new styles and patterns to incorporate with henna, so feel free to chip in your ideas.


Henna is priced according to the design you choose, from the simplest to the most complex.

When booking with us, you will be entitled to a free professional photo session that we will happily share with you afterwards to cherish this beautiful moment. There are many complimentary goodies to win depending on the henna packages you choose.


Private bookings are generally for:

  • Casual henna (just to spoil yourself for no reason)
  • Engagement Henna
  • Belly Blessing (prenatal henna for the mother to be)
  • Henna Crowns
  • Tattooed Back


At the moment, we are offering Free Henna Crowns to cancer patients. Please share this with someone who would be interested. We always run our clients through our list of ingredients for safety purposes.


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