Henna Mehndi

Organic Homemade Henna

Handcrafted with much Love for You.

Made from Natural Plant Dye & Organic Ingredients. 

Safe for your little ones, pregnant & breastfeeding Mamas too.


Let your journey of self-care begin through 

the healing properties of Henna ✵

Spice up your events and parties with a touch of homemade henna


Treat yourself to some natural henna tattoos as part of your self-care routine.


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Parties & Group Bookings

Never host a boring party again. Spice it up with a touch of ORGANIC henna! Subtly add a cultural touch with this traditional form of art during your...

Workshops / Classes

Are YOU Ready To Get CREATIVE? I know you've been scrolling though these amazing henna feed on your social media Have you ever wished you could draw...
holiday henna workshop

Creative Kids Workshops

Unleash Your Kid's Creativity. Is your kid's birthday coming up? How about adding a HENNA WORKSHOP to make it more of a productive and fun party? I've...