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holiday henna workshop

Creative Kids Workshops

Unleash Your Kid's Creativity.

Is your kid's birthday coming up?

How about adding a HENNA WORKSHOP to make it more of a productive and fun party?


I've been requested quite a few times by mommies to hold my henna workshop in birthday parties...

Well, there you have it!


My henna workshops are educational while keeping it light & FUN.

Instead of the artist doing the fun part of drawing, the kids get to experiment !

No better way to keep these little hands busy and their little creative brains growing 🌿


Enquire about our packages today! 


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P.S: If you'd like to attend one of our in-house workshops, please join our Workshop Waiting List to be notified when it's on.

P.P.S: Check out some photos of our previous workshops at School Holiday Henna Workshop 2021