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4 Steps to prep for your henna appointment

14 November, 2020

We all love a natural deep stain when we’re getting our henna done, but often times, we find ourselves stuck with a half-stained henna design on our skin. Here's why.

Like many beauty procedures, to achieve perfection, we need to adopt the right pre-care and in this article, I am hoping to enlighten you with a few tips on how to prepare for a henna session.

1. Clean Skin

The no.1 step prior to your henna application is a thoroughly cleaned skin. This is the time when you want to go ahead and have your waxing, exfoliation, bleaching or any skin care routine done. I’d encourage a customer to go for exfoliation a day before henna application. Why? Because henna gets stained onto our skin cells and since exfoliation removes dead skin cells, you don’t want your freshly stained skin to be removed. It'd be best to take off those nasty dead skin cells before applying henna onto the skin to prolong the henna stain!

2. Zero Product

Before going for henna application, you might want to make sure you’ve got absolutely NO product onto the skin area to be henna-ed. Any product applied onto the skin prior to henna application will definitely interfere with the henna, which might eventually result in a poor henna stain. So this means, no lotion, no fake tan, no makeup on the to-be-hennaed area! Sorry ladies, but it’s for your own good stain!

3. Take a Shower

Should you want to have a bath, go for it before henna application, because afterwards you’ll have to limit contact with water. It’s best to take a shower just before henna application. This would save you from having a shower in the next 24 hours, thus achieving a deeper stain.

4. Timing is everything

If you will be wearing your henna for an event, the best practice is to schedule for your henna application 48 hours before the event. That’s when the stain has matured into its peak dark colour. Hence, a bride would do her henna two days prior to her big day.

Once you’ve followed the pre-care to a deep beautiful stain, head over to our Henna Aftercare to keep that stain for as long as possible!