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Breathable Henna Protection Tape

If you're busy like me and you have to use your hands as soon as your henna dries but you don't want to ruin your beautiful freshly-done henna design, and you want to achieve a deep dark henna stain then this tape is PERFECT for you!
The Mefix bandage is breathable which means it will not melt your henna underneath.
Once your henna has dried up, peel off the tape, stretch it and apply it to cover the design,
You can leave it on for as long as you need & go about your day/night as per usual!
The breathable tape ensures that the henna paste stays in contact with the skin, preventing it from flaking off. The juice in the henna is retained and the henna stains comes out much darker.
Covering your henna design is a must when it comes to henna aftercare!
 Disclaimer: If you have very sweaty palms, avoid covering the palms. 

  • Water-based, solvent-free adhesive is kind to the skin
  • Protection paper supports convenient measurement and cutting
  • Flexible fabric conforms to body contours and allows movement


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