Organic Eucalyptus Henna Cones

Henna paste filled with nothing but goodness and handcrafted at home.
Each cone is made with love with locally-sourced pure eucalyptus essential oil, raw sugar & organic henna powder. The scent is divine!
This blend is will give a beautiful rich dark stain.
Perfect for beginners and professionals.
Contains ZERO nasty chemicals.
Our henna product is 100% safe for you & your family.
They are ready to use as soon as you receive them.
Each cone contains 20g of fresh henna paste.
Comes with instructions for use & storage. 
Henna should be stored in the freezer when not in use
Your henna cones come in a beautifully hand drawn box when you purchase 10 henna cones (see photos) 
Henna paste is made to order and Express-shipped Australia-wide on Mondays only. 
Buy More, Save More :) 
Want 50+ henna? Reach out to us for a quote at [email protected]
 P.S: Check our our Bulk Henna Paste Option too
Pick up option available (Campbelltown, NSW 2560)
[This product is Vegan, Organic & Halal]


henna design and stain

I bought henna from this business hoping that I wo6get a good colour and I'm amazed by the results. The consistency of henna is so accurate and the flow is so smooth that I couldn't resist myself from applying it on me, my daughters and friends. And the best thing is that the colour keeps on darkening for 2 days. I'm so much satisfied. It's worth it. I would highly highly recommend everyone to use their organic henna.

The best cones I’ve ever tried without any exaggeration! They’re the perfect size and super easy to use with a beautiful aroma of lavender. I love the flow of the henna. It never skips and I never came across any trapped air compared to the ones I’ve been using!!! I can see and feel the love they’re made with 🙏

The cones are so incredibly easy to use! My hand would usually get tired while squeezing other cones during application but not with these cones. Thank you so much, I’ll definitely be ordering again :))

Fantastic, Natural & Safe! The henna cones are amazing and a thousand times better than the mass produced ones. The henna flows smoothly and it is a breeze to use. I love the smell too! Will repurchase again.

Excellent!! The henna was very dark and lasted a couple of weeks. She was thoughtful and sweet and even brought things that would enhance the henna dye.