Go-Create Henna Starter Kit

Our Go-Create Henna Kit is perfect for beginner henna artists who want to experience Behind-The-Scenes of the Henna Making Process.
It's also suited for kids (with adult supervision) and teens who like to get crafty and experiment.
All the ingredients are pure, natural and pre-measured for you.
An instruction + recipe booklet is included in your kit to make the process a smooth and FUN one.
No guesswork required. Just follow the steps and go create lovely designs for yourself and your family!
This kit contains the exact same ingredients we use in our beautiful luscious henna paste at The Henna Realm.
Here's what our Go-Create Henna Starter Kit includes:

  • Natural Henna Powder (30g)
  • Raw Sugar
  • Pure Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • Pre-rolled cello cones & Pins x6
  • Guide to henna making booklet
  • Piping Bag

You'll only need water :)
You will end up with 6 cones of freshly made henna paste (save $$)
[Limited Stock]


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