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Sacred Sandala (Physical Art Print)

 A beautiful art print of our Sacred Sandala design that was entirely drawn by hand and compass. It is printed on 300gsm paper.
The Sacred Sandala is very meaningful in the Islamic Traditions. It was inspired by the sandals worn by the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace & blessings be upon him). It can be found alongside many other Sufi symbols.The artwork was handmade and drawn by the artist at The Henna Realm. Each design made takes hours and sometimes days to get inspired and completed.It can be an excellent Eid Gift or as a housewarming gift to bring a bit of spirituality in a home.
Non-editable and for personal use only.All artwork by The Henna Realm is subject to copyright, and any reproduction or reselling of this work is against the law

(This cool mockup is from Positvtplus Studio).


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