Bulk Henna Paste (120g)

If you enjoy making your own cones but you don't want the hassle of guessing the measurements and making the henna paste, then getting our bulk henna paste is the perfect choice!

Our henna paste is 100% natural, made from organic-certified Rajasthani henna powder, locally-sourced high quality Eucalyptus essential oils, raw sugar and water.
Each pack contains 120g of luscious henna in a piping bag, ready to be piped into your applicators.
That's 6 cones that are regularly sold for $5-$7 ea. 
That's a TOTAL SAVING of at least $10 when purchasing our bulk henna. 
You can also purchase our applicators/cones to fill in.
[This product is Vegan, Organic & Halal]


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